What is elo boost?

Alright as everyone knows that our world is stuffed with game worms which are hell bent players and zealots of adventurous and fun games, league of legends is one such game where players get promoted to next level and stage based upon their elo rank. As a result of such criteria, elo boost is considered very important in league of legends game. How to know what is elo boost? How come it’s so important in league of legends that folks even refer to it as LOL boost? And what role league boost could play in your LOL game? We now have based this article on the answers of most frequent questions about LOL boost. Let’s have a look at them gingerly.

Elo is actually a ranking method, which helps in combining the players of same calibers in front of each other for a game match. This also depicts that people with higher elo rank are more expert compared to their respective subordinates. This is the reason why elo boost is really a hackneyed terminology in league of legends and that is why, players opt out for league boost in order to improve their rankings in order to fight against experts and produce reputation and value amongst all of the players

Further, elo boost is achievable to get even when you are playing in teams along with your team just isn’t performing well and that means you still stand a chance to improve your LOL rank despite of being on the losing side. Therefore, it is important for you to not give up hope, break a leg, keep fighting your best and eventually you’ll get your respective league boost.
Lastly, those of you who says, LOL will abandon this elo ranking based system, are wrong but League of legends doesn’t need this intention currently as many other famous games may also be using this LOL boost ranking system to gauge the individual performances in the respective games.

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