While completing elo boost orders we noticed several things that may describe different elo areas of League of Legends and help customers climb themselves after elo boosting.

Bronze ELO:

According to season 3 info – 47.9% of players belong to bronze league.
It’s the most polite and gentle League of Legends elo area. You can see people that are really trying to be nice to their teammates which is rare on higher leagues.
Still there are a lot things you have to learn. You should concetrate on review of your own mistakes.
The main way to get your way up to bronze league is to learn the basics:
1. Improve creep slain(CS) which is important to get advantage in gold.
2. Learn how not to overextend: don’t make unreasonable dives and avoid engaging in fights when you are in the minority.
3. Avoid free damage on lane by excluding unnecassary moves in the range of oponnent, but don’t forget about CS.

Watching streams of players who comment their actions will be of great use as long as you analyze what you see!

Silver ELO:

According to season 3 info – 42.1% of players belong to silver league.

The main problem with this league that strikes the eye during elo boost is flame. Unlike bronze league there is lots of flame among players. We observed people on this league arguing to each other more often than in any other one. People frequently start to blame each other even if their team has a huge advantage. As a result separate players tend to go solo and refuse to join team or even threaten going AFK.
Common reasons for flame which becoming pointless on higher elo:

1. Killsteal – KS. On Platinum or maybe even on Gold area you won’t even hear this term unless another player is joking. No matter who took the kill: difference about 150 gold is insignificant. Another reason is that kill+assist gives your team more than pure kill. So you need to decide what is more important: get good statistic or win the game.
2. If someone pushed your lane. Very often it’s good for you, for instance when your lane oponnent is not on the lane as you. When you come lane you get counterpush to your side since the tower will destroy your minions and your oponnent will lose minions that he could farm if the lane was not pushed. People on silver league usually don’t understand that and flame anyone who is pushing their lanes.
3. Jungler doesn’t help you the way you think he is supposed to do. You have to learn how to use wards to avoid ganks! Often you may experience situations when your jungler doesn’t gank your lane but he does it at other lanes which helps your team to take objectives. Never flame your jungler, especially if you are playing top. The truth is that in current meta top lane position affects game result less than any other.

As well as on bronze ELO you still need to improve your creep slain and learn to how avoid free damage on lane. Watching streams will help you.

Gold ELO:
According to season 3 info – 7.5% of players belong to gold league.
Elo boosting experience in gold area shows us that people on this league are much better at basics but still tend to blame each other. A very good tip is to ignore someone who starts negativing: in 5 minute you will forget what he said as you concentrate on game. As for you avoid creating flame situations yourself.

Common tips:
Learn when to recall and not overstay on the lane is another way to get advantage over gold field. Many players tend to stay for too long and pay for this by giving oponnent a kill. It’s a very widespread mistake even on higher elos.
Also a lot of players “pray” to current meta-game, discussing “OP” picks and prefer to pick what is popular right now instead of what they are good at. The truth is that you can carry with most champions. On top diamond elo there are almost no people to whom meta plays such an important role, while on silver-gold area it’s one of main themes to speak in champion select. Don’t be scary to pick something you’re good at instead of picking another popular meta-champion!

Platinum ELO:
According to season 3 info – 1.9% of players belong to platinum league.
Decision making is the biggest difference between platinum and diamond area players!
First difference that we saw while elo boosting from platinum to diamond was in decision making. There are a lot of people who can lane really good, but when lane phase ends they start to overextend, make main throws and blame team saying thats it’s team fault and they won the lane.
You need to learn how to play in teamfight, not to overextend even if you are far ahead! ROAM, especially if you are a midlaner.