The Married Name Change Guide is Recommended for All New Brides

After being married, a woman must go through the actions of replacing the woman’s maiden name to the woman’s new married name change. The religious figure that performed the marriage ceremony will sign a certificate indicating that he had married them and when. Some ministers, rabbis or other religious figure will send the certificate to the government agency and build the official marriage certificate necessary for all government agencies. Others will give it back to the couple to send in. Either way in just a couple of weeks, the marriage name change will be available.

There’s a married name change guide that will list all steps necessary for a lady to change her name. When a woman has her official marriage certificate, she is ready to apply for a marriage name change. There isn’t a set married name change procedure. Some of the ways a woman changes her name after marriage includes:

• Takes Husband’s Last Name and Drop Maiden Name
• Take Husband’s Last Name and Make Maiden Name Her Middle Name
• Add the Two Names Together Normally With a Hyphen
• Change the actual Name to a Blend of the 2 Names Together
• Does Not Change Name at All
• Husband Changes Their Last Name to the Woman’s Final Name

The married name change guide is available to make sure marriage name change is done with every necessary place. Her name must be changed with the Sociable Security Board for tax and identification purposes. It must be changed with the Bureau associated with Motor Vehicles on their driver’s licenses, identification card as well as vehicle titles as well as licenses. She must additionally give her marriage name change to the woman’s employer for income taxes and insurances. Other places her name must be changed are with bank accounts, credit cards and other expenses. Every new bride-to-be should get a copy of the married name change guide to make sure that she modifications her name everywhere necessary.

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