Mother and father now opt for IVF technology to create designer babies

You might have come across childless couples who resort to IVF being an infertility treatment. Before embarking on this procedure it is important for the couple to understand that they are actually included and must have a realistic view of their likelihood of success. Counselling has a big role to experience for those who wish to go through infertility treatment. Counsellors motivate these couples to tell the truth with each other in regard to their fears and worries and to face the truth that the treatment they are going to undergo may not be successful.

In present times medical fraternity uses IVF and genetic modifications to create designer infants by using only normal and healthy genes. This procedure is carried out following genetic screening. IVF Sydney through genetic testing helps in selecting fertilized embryos according to the gender, also to ascertain any abnormality or a possibility of any future hereditary illness like cancer or diabetes. But there are instances where couples go in for IVF Sunshine Coast to choose hair color, eye colour, sex and other characteristics of their choices. Scientists have gone a step further to create customized strands of DNA utilizing certain type of enzymes as well as cutting specific genes. These are the strands which are then inserted in to the embryo to bring about alterations in the organism’s genetics.

There have been lots of controversies regarding the concept of designer babies through IVF Brisbane. Experts have pointed out towards the downside of adopting this technology to bring about genetic alterations. They fear that this would lead to societal inequalities, as the babies therefore born would grow to be of a superior race. This is a total hereditary interference. Those who are monetarily well off won’t mind investing exorbitantly to avail of this procedure. This sort of genetic screening should be encouraged simply to avoid genetic diseases from repeating in the generations that follow.

IVF was and should be used just for the purpose that it was created for and help childless ladies conceive naturally. Several births have been a common function in IVF Brisbane. This happens due to introduction of several embryos in the uterus to increase chances of implantations of at least a single embryo. IVF Gold Coast treatment is expensive.

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